Hamon Nasiri Honarvar is a German-Iranian photographer. He holds an BA in photography from the ‚University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund‘ and works on his MA Photographic Studies. He specializes in the intersection of social journalism and documentary photography by using different visual artistic approaches using documents and multimedia in his projects. While his goal is to use the camera as a tool for storytelling and to shed light on marginalized issues and groups, his work is also presented in various exhibition formats. He strive to capture candid, authentic moments that reveal the humanity in his subjects, dedicated to produce long-term projects that are able to engage and inspire the audience.

Based in Dortmund, Germany
Please get in touch for commissions and collaborations.
Mail: email@hamoon.de
Phone: +49-171-1261328

Dresdener Str. 21
D-44149 Dortmund

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