Demonstration at Washington Square in New York
Upside Down.
Election at school in brooklyn
Shadows, sun and waiting for hillary.
A mixed bag of voters in front of Trump Tower.
Mirrors in Trump Tower
Election Night
Working on the other side of the river in Brooklyn.
Election Night
The Road to Perdition.
Collapsed man in the subway.
The Democracy on Ice Show 2016.
Election in Manhattan
Pakistani Americans for Trump
Duane Michals having an argument with a trump voter.
Election Night in Front of Trump Tower
Election Night
The Subway Scene on 9/11/2016.
50 t0 48.
Veteran Parade at 5th Avenue around Trump Tower on 10.11.2017
Election Night. Trump is almost there.
Star Wars fan Eric Welch from New York legally changed his name to Darth Vader.
Demonstration on 09.11.2017 on the way to Trump Tower.
All-seeing Trump tells fortunes in New York City.
I am not going to vote.
Fighting over their candidate.
Jesus Lives - Trust Him
Police Arrest in Front of Trump Tower
Birds leaving