Photofestival horizonte zingst
Exhibition “Pick it up” (curated by fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit GmbH)

13 Photographers took pictures of garbage collected at seasides all around the globe which deserve a deeper recognition and a closer look

Andrea Artz (Strait of Dover), Kristian Gehradte (Bass Strait), Ian MacLellan (North Atlantic), Nicoló Minerbi (Mediterranean Sea), Christoph Morlinghaus (Elbe), Olya Morvan (Persian Gulf), Hamon Nasiri ( Arabian Sea), Obie Oberholzer – Nature’s Valley (Indian Ocean), Peter Prast (Baltic Sea), Philippe Roy (East China Sea), Marco Simola (South Pacific), Claus Sjödin (Baltic Sea), Patrick Strattner (North Pacific)

5th May 2017 – 31th December 2017

Max Hünten Haus
Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park
Schulstraße 3
18374 Zingst

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Exhibition “Human and the sea” (curated by Stefanie Schiller and Klaus Tiedge)

The photographs being presented here are the outcome of a unique competition. They represent a very special contribution towards the leading theme of this year’s »horizons zingst« Environmental Photo Festival: »S.O.S. – SAVE OUR SEAS«. It is all about the danger to the environment caused by the enormous amounts of plastic rubbish accumulating in our seas and oceans, resulting in the destruction of a habitat that is necessary for our survival. This threatening situation is caused by humanity’s thoughtless consumerism, which results in plastic making up three quarters of the rubbish in the oceans. Summed all together, about 13,000 plastic particles float around in every cubic kilometre of ocean. Considering the dramatic dimensions of the problem, these photographs aim to contribute towards a change of awareness on the issue.

17th May 2017  – 30th March 2018

Open-Air-Installation Jordanstraße
18374 Zingst, Deutschland

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